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(Editor's note: Kathy Wray Coleman (second from right next to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur at far right) has received the President Obama 2016 community service award, which was handed to her by 9th Congressional District Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur at Kaptur's Cleveland District office). Standing with Coleman are Renata Jakupka (third from left), who recommended that Coleman receive the award, and community activists Frances Caldwell, David Patterson, Marva Patterson, Ada Averyhart, and Genevieve Mitchell). and, Ohio's most read Black digital newspaper and Black blog with some 5 million views on Google Plus alone.Tel: (216) 659-0473 and Email: Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief


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Gov. Kasich comes to Cleveland to sign Mayor Jackon's Cleveland schools education plan into law that takes away teacher seniority, hands money to charter schools, places Cleveland schools levy on November ballot, Kim Brown writes editorial against levy

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CLEVELAND,Ohio- Kimberly Brown (pictured), a former Cleveland mayoral candidate who also lost a bid for Cuyahoga County Council, writes the guest editorial below against a levy in November that woud support the financially strapped Cleveland Municipal School District.

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Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice O'Connor denies affidavit of prejudice filed by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason against chief Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Fuerst, who won't speak out about Blacks getting harsher sentences than Whites

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor

CLEVELAND, Ohio-Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor (pictured second) has denied an affidavit of prejudice filed against chief Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Nancy Fuerst (pictured third) in May by county prosecutor Bill Mason (pictured first), who claimed in the affidavit  that Fuerst is biased against him and his entire staff of over 150 assistance county prosecutors and wanted her removed after she assigned former common pleas judge Robert Glickman as a special prosecutor to investigate a perjury allegation stemming from a since dismissed rape case and did not hold a hearing first.

Elected by her 33 judicial colleagues in the general division that hear felony cases, lawsuits seeking damages in excess of $15 thousand, and other legal matters, Fuerst is both the presiding and administrative judge of the court and by state law she hears affidavits of prejudice filed against municipal court judges in the Cuyahoga Count for potential removal of them from cases, though public records show that she denies nearly all of them, regardless of the merits.

O'Connor, on the other hand, hears affidavits of prejudice filed against common pleas judges statewide,and  also under state law,  to determine if removal from a case is warranted and she does practically the same thing, in addition to handpicking retired visiting judges with nothing to lose to send throughout the state to venues like the Berea Municipal Court to allegedly manipulate case outcomes in both civil and criminal cases.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 July 2012 07:57

U.S. Supreme Court upholds President Obama's sweeping healthcare mandate as constitutional, U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge, Ohio State Rep. John Barnes Jr., Cleveland, Ohio area community activists respond

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com

WASHINGTON, D.C.-President Obama's sweeping healthcare law that was adopted by Congress in 2010 before a divided America was narrowly upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday as passing constitutional muster with conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, a former president George W. Bush appointee who wrote the landmark opinion on behalf of the court, casting the swing vote with the four liberal's of the nation's high court, two of them appointed by Obama  himself.

ObamaCare requires, among other mandates, that most Americans  that can afford it, hold heath insurance by 2014 or face a penalty.

Among other provisions, it also expands medicaid for some low income Americans, precludes insurance companies from dropping people because they have preexisting conditions, prevents them from charging women higher premiums than men, and lets children stay on the parents' insurance policy until the age of 26.

"The highest court in the land has now spoken and we will continue to implement the law," Obama said in a press release to Cleveland Urban News.Com. "I didn't do it because I believed that it was good politics. I believe that it is good for the country. "

Obama said that the requirement to purchase health care insurance is fair because when people don't and they then appear as patients in hospital emergency rooms, the premiums go up for paying Americans, and he said that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney supported that provision when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Challenging the law dubbed the Affordability Care Act were 26 states, including Ohio, and a small business trade group, as well as a wealth of Republican congressional lawmakers.

Supporting it were mainly Democrats and their supporters like some unions, as well as a cadre of women, among others.

But the court said that the penalty for not getting insurance is a legitimate tax that Congress can legally impose. And in striking down a small portion of the law, the court dismantled the law's plan to extend medicaid insurance wide span, stipulating the expansion  only to the poor,  and saying that the U.S. government lacks authority to penalize states that don't participate in this aspect of the law by withholding its entire medicaid allotment.

"This is a victory for all Americans," said Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge of Ohio's majority Black 11th congressional district (D-11), in a press release."In my district alone an estimated 7,000 children with preexisting health conditions can no longer be denied coverage by health insurers, thousands of seniors will receive medicare preventive services with no out-of-pocket co-pays or deductibles, and thousands of seniors on medicare will receive an average discount of $490 per person on the cost of prescription drugs."

State Rep. John Barnes Jr., a Cleveland Democrat,  said that he was pleased with the unprecedented court decision too.

"The decision represents the single most humanitarian effort of the 21st century because it responds to the tasks of the health needs for all of the American people," said Barnes.

Debbie Kline, who leads Cleveland Jobs With Justice, a union, faith based and community activist group with some 64 organizational affiliates, called the ruling "good for America."

Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, both conservatives, were the most watched on the decision as they were the most aggressive in questioning lawyers for the Obama administration on the controversial issue during oral arguments in March, and Roberts came through for the president, the first Black one for the United States of America.

The nation's nine-member high court is no doubt divided on the issue, voting 5 to 4 to uphold it with justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both appointed by Obama, among the liberal majority of four justices that joined Roberts to seal the deal.

Dissenting were the three conservative justices other than Roberts, including Clarence Thomas, the only Black on the court , veteran and scholar Anton Scalia, and Kennedy, often a swing vote.

Cleveland area community activist Valerie Robinson, 77, a retired Cleveland schools teacher, said ObamaCare has some good things but that she remains ambivalent because she believes that it places more of a burden on the American people then on the federal government.

Romney vowed to overturn ObamaCare if elected president and Republican lawmakers say they will begin efforts to repeal it beginning with a congressional vote on July 11.

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, America's first Black U.S. attorney general, found in contempt of Congress by U.S. House of Representatives

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - By a vote of 255 for and 67 against that came along party lines, the U.S. House of Representatives moved Thurs. to hold America's first Black attorney general in contempt of Congress in a document dispute pertaining  to a bungled gun-tracking operation, and a majority of the Democrats walked out of the congressional chambers during the vote in a show of protest and solidarity .

Eric Holder (pictured), 61, is the first sitting attorney general and cabinet member to be held in contempt.

A former Superior Judge of the District of Columbia and prior United States Attorney, Holder was appointed to  U.S. attorney general by Obama when Obama took the reigns as the first Black president of the United States in 2009.

He was also a member of Obama's vice presidential selection committee.

Republicans that pushed the contempt citation argue that Holder withheld documents that give reasons why the Obama administration initially took the position that  gun walking tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious, which permits guns to be smuggled from Arizona to Mexico, are not risky.

Holder called the contempt action "a political stunt."

President Barack Obama's administration has argued that the records, allegedly some140,000 pages, are privileged because they are part of the executive branch's deliberative .

He claims that the controversial records are therefore immune to congressional scrutiny under the separation of powers.

The criminal contempt vote hands the issue to the U.S. District Attorney for the District of Columbia, who is under Holder's command.

A separate and distinct vote on civil contempt, which paves the way for the House to ask a court of competent jurisdiction to order Holder to hand over the requested documents, was undertaken by the House too.

Both votes came down the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly upheld the president's sweeping health care mandate.

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Ohio State Senator Smith wins Republican support of state law to seal felony convictions, protect juvenile records from disclosure with Governor Kasich's help, who went from initially having no Blacks in his cabinet to fighting some Black causes

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com

COLUMBUS, Ohio-With the help of Republican Gov. John Kasich (pictured), who went from initially having no Blacks in his cabinet to championing some Black causes, Ohio state Sen. Shirley Smith (D-22) (pictured) finally got the Republican controlled Ohio State Legislature to pass a state law that gives Ohio state and federal sentencing judges the extent of discretion to seal non-violent criminal records of a single felony conviction, and one additional misdemeanor conviction if applied for, or two misdemeanor convictions.

An amendment to the previous record sealing statute that allowed Ohio state and federal trial court judges to seal one and not two criminal convictions, either a misdemeanor or felony,  and with a requirement that the person has only one criminal record aside from traffic citations and minor misdemeanors, Senate Bill 337 was signed into law by Kasich on Tues., after passing the state legislature.

The new law lets people with several criminal convictions minimize at least two with a judge's approval, and makes possession of marijuana paraphernalia a minor misdemeanor since possession of the drug itself under state law is a minor misdemeanor, Smith's office said by telephone Wed. afternoon.  And it clogs a loop hole in Ohio's Administrative Code that conflicts with a state law to stop the release of  juvenile court  records absent a court order or convictions of extremely serious juvenile crimes like murder.

Smith is a Cleveland Democrat and one of two Black state senators representing the Cleveland metropolitan state legislative districts along with state Sen. Nina Turner (D-25), also a Cleveland Democrat.

She co-sponsored the legislation, and Kasich bucked some conservative Republicans saying when he took office last year that legal system reform is among his political agendas.

The law, which the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper, applauded in an editorial,  has other amenities, and  gives more leniency for felons seeking occupational licenses for jobs such as barber and beautician.

It also eases the strain of unemployment with a provision for qualifying felons to secure written recommendations of good standing for potential employers, all of this not applicable though for certain positions that preclude felons under state law from employment such as public school teacher, police officer and other positions of public authority and trust.

A controversial governor whom Civil Rights groups like the Cleveland Chapter SCLC and its leaders the Rev E. T. Caviness and Community Affiliate Marcia McKoy once picketed at the Statehouse in Columbus because he had not one Black in his cabinet, though he has two now, Kasich  gathered with a handful of elected Black officials and about 40 other Black leaders some three weeks ago at the Cleveland Clinic at the urging of former Cleveland NAACP President George Forbes to brag of his bringing resources to Cleveland through the state budget such as the upcoming Glenville neighborhood  Eastside Market.

Research initiated by the Cleveland NAACP but ignored reveals that Blacks convicted of crimes in the general division of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, including felonies, get harsher sentences than similarly situated Whites for the same crimes.

Only three of those 34 judges are Black.

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Congresswoman Fudge demands that Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted give public data on number of Ohio registered voters purged from voter rolls since 2008 as Obama and Romney are neck in neck for November presidential election

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, Editor, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog.Com

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) (pictured), a Warrensville Hts. Democrat, sent a formal written request to Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted  (pictured) last week seeking the number of registered voters, organized by county, who have been removed or purged from Ohio voter rolls since 2008.

The letter comes as Democratic President Barack Obama is in a neck and neck race with Mitt Romney, the nominee for the Republican party and a former governor of Massachusetts.

Ohio is a battleground state and prominent Republicans and Democrats that have a stake in the presidential election are not sitting on the side lines.

“The purging of voter rolls is yet another attack on the right of Americans to select their leadership and representatives in the local, state and federal houses of our nation,” said  Fudge.  “As we move closer to the observance of Independence Day, it is critically important that we continue to ensure that every eligible American continues to enjoy the freedoms that led to the founding of this great country, and for which so many lost their lives.”

Fudge's aggression on the issue is in conjunction with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), a federal law enacted by Congress to help ensure that accurate and current voter registration rolls are maintained.

States are required to perform general voter record maintenance due to NVRA.

Husted's office issued instructions to the election boards on April 18 on how to conduct the general voter records maintenance program as required by law. But  Fudge said last week that the information was not maintained by the secretary’s office or readily available in its entirety.

The congresswoman's letter to Husted also asks that he comply with her request for exposure of those purged from voter rolls in Ohio by Oct. 9, the last day of registration before the November general election.

The removal of voters from rolls without adequate safeguards to ensure accuracy has become the norm in so many states from coast to coast, say Democrats like Fudge, Ohio's only Black congressperson.

Fudge is a fighter and data show that Obama likely needs her help to win reelection.  Her largely Black 11 th congressional district includes parts of the majority Black major metropolitan city of Cleveland and a Black pocket of Akron, Oh., a city some 35 miles south of Cleveland.

Though a federal legislator charged with making federal law as a member of Congress, Fudge has taken on state legislators and statewide office holders like Husted.

She voiced opposition to unsuccessful attempts by the mostly Republican Ohio state legislature to pass laws before this year's election to silence the Black and poor vote with more stringent voting requirements including slashing the time period for early voting.

A former speaker of the Ohio House, Husted won election to secretary of state in 2010 as part of a Republican sweep of statewide offices that include, among others, Democratic give ups of the attorney general's office,  and governor, an office previously held by the Democrat Ted Strickland, and now by John Kasich.

Both Kasich and Strickland are  former U.S. Reps. from Ohio.

Reach Cleveland Urban News. Com by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and by telephone at 216-932-3114.


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More Of Some Of The People And Issues We Write About Here At Cleveland Urban News.Com

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CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, OHIO'S LEADER IN BLACK DIGITAL NEWS : BREAKING NEWS ARTICLE: Cleveland police officers and detectives fired, including officer Michael Brelo, and six suspended as to the 137 shots deadly shooting of unarmed Blacks Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.....Not all of the cops that did the shooting were fired....The firings should be vacated the police union says, which likely means arbitration ....A consent decree on police reforms with the city and the DOJ remains....Community activists renew the call for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty, who shielded 12 of the 13 non-Black cops that did the shooting from criminal charges, to be voted out of office this year, and Congresswoman Fudge wants McGinty gone too.....Common Pleas Judge John O'Donnell acquitted Brelo of manslaughter charges....By editor-in-chief Kathy Wray Coleman

Cleveland police cars chase two unarmed Blacks from downtown Cleveland to neighboring East Cleveland the night of Nov. 29, 2012. The 23 -minute car chase ended in the parking lot of Heritage Middle School and culminated in 13 non- Black Cleveland police officers firing a total of 137 bullets at Malissa Williams 30, and Timothy Ray Russell, 43, the driver of the 1979 Chevy Malibu. Both Russell and Williams were Black, and both died at the scene.  Some 105 police officers and 64 police cruisers participated at some level in the deadly chase.

March 15, 2016 campaign ads of Kasich, Barnes and Jones

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, OHIO'S LEADER IN BLACK DIGITAL NEWS Vote no on March 15, 2016 to the re-election of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty (pictured below) Twenty-three years of racist and corrupt McGinty as to 19 years as a common pleas judge and four years as a county prosecutor are enough....He is pro- police, anti-Black, anti -fair and anti-Tamir Rice....Greater Cleveland community activists, including the Imperial Women Coalition, Black on Black Crime Inc, the Carl Stokes Brigade, Puncture the Silence, Revolution Books, Peace in the Hood, the Oppressed People's Nation, the Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Stop Targeting Ohio's Poor, the Million Women March Cleveland and the Cleveland Chapter of the New Black Panther Party, want him voted out of office, as do the Cleveland NAACP and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge ....Read here what McGinty, who is White, has done to hurt the Black community and others as a judge and as an overzealous and unfair county prosecutor......By editor-in-chief Kathy Wray Coleman

By Cleveland Urban News. Com and the Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog. Tel: 216-659-0473. Email: ( /( Call us or email us at for advertising and your Facebook or other video. Get noticed on the web. The leads all Ohio reporters in readers in Goggle Plus. CLICK HERE TO GO TO KATHY WRAY COLEMAN AT GOOGLE PLUS WHERE SHE HAS SOME 2.5 MILLION INTERNET VIEWS alone.

PASS THIS ON PLEASE ACTIVISTS: Community activists to picket Cleveland News Channel 5 for harassment and defamation against Blacks and activists, harassment of the community allegedly led by News Director Jeff Harris (pictured), who joined the local televisionstation in 2014. Please call (216) 659-0473 if Harris, who is White, or anybody else at Cleveland Channel 5 News has harassed you or defamed you,or email us at editor@cleveland Harris is reportedly being enlisted by police and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty to harass outspoken greater Cleveland Black activists, and according to Reporter John Kosich, has agreed to slant stories against the Black community and community activists. Greater Cleveland Black judges and elected officials have also experienced the racist wrath of Harris and Cleveland Channel 5 News, data show. Harris is also accused of taking kickbacks in money to do malicious and false stories against greater Cleveland Blacks and others for corrupt judges, politicians, racist cops, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and others. (By editor-in-chief Kathy Wray Coleman)
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Kathy Wray Coleman is the editor-in-chief at Cleveland Urban News.Com and a 23-year journalist who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. Coleman covered the presidential election for the Call and Post in 2008, including a one-on-one interview with now president Barack Obama.CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT CLEVELAND URBAN NEWS.COM, OHIO'S LEADER IN BLACK DIGITAL NEWS