Congresswoman Maxine Waters to meet with Black community in Cleveland May 6, 2017 in a public forum from 1:45 pm-2:45 pm at G- Lancer on the 21 restaurant at 1425 E. 21st St. at Superior Ave.....Call Juanita Brent at 216-333-6837 for more information.....

Pictured is California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the longest serving Black woman in congressClevelandUrbanNews.Com and the KathyWrayColemanOnlineNewsBlog.Com

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CLEVELAND URBANNEWS.COM-CLEVELAND, Ohio- U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters will  be in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend and will participate in a public forum with greater Cleveland Black leaders, Black elected officials and community activists from 1:45 pm- 2:45 pm on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the G Lancer on the 21 restaurant ( the old Maudi Gras restaurant and the new Lancer restaurant) at 1425 East 21st Street and Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland, Ohio ( For more information call Juanita Brent of District 11 Indivisible at (216) 333-6837. Activists should call activist Kathy Wray Coleman of the Imperial Women Coalition at 216-659-0473).

"Congresswoman Waters will attend a meeting with Black leaders and Black activists at the Lancer at 1:45 on May 6," said Juanita Brent of the District 11 Indivisible, who greeted Waters at the airport in Cleveland Friday evening, drove her to her hotel, and got confirmation of the upcoming community meeting.

A niece of the late former state Representative Vermel Whalen of Cleveland, Brent, an organizer of the gathering along with activist Kathy Wray Coleman, the Rev Dr. E. Theophillus and G' Lancer co-owner George Dickson, said that the event in the Black community is open to the public.

In addition to the organizers, Blacks slated to attend include state Representative Stephanie Howse of Cleveland,  community activists Art McKoy, Amy Hurd, Genevieve Mitchell, Princess Dicee Moore and the Rev Gwendolyn Pitts, East Cleveland School Board President Una Kennon, who is also a candidate for mayor in East Cleveland this year and is vice president of the Black Women's Political Action Committee of greater Cleveland, BPAC President Elaine Gohlstin, activist and Cleveland Ward 4 city council president Arnold Shurn of the Cleveland Peacemakers, Warrensville Heights City Council President Kim Hodge, Cleveland Ward 8 Councilman Kevin Conwell, Cuyahoga County Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell, and Cleveland Ward 2 Councilman and Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed

A President Donald Trump critic and a Los Angeles Democrat who is also the longest serving of 12 Black women currently in congress, Waters will keynote the brunch of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Women's Caucus (CDWD) at 11 a.m. at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in Cleveland and will head over to G Lancer afterward.

Waters has recently made headlines in calling for President Donals Trump to be impeached if evidence reveals malfeasance as to Russian email hacking during the 2016 presidential election, and she is a victim of recently ousted Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly, who dismissed Waters as simply wearing a 'James Brown wig,'  a comment that Black leaders and women's advocates found as offensive, disrespectful, racist, and sexist

The congresswoman, a member and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, gained national attention in 1992, two years after she was first elected to congress, and when south central Los Angeles erupted in riots following the Rodney King verdict that brought acquittals to a band of White cops that brutally beat the unarmed Black motorist.

Waters described the LA Riots, which claimed 58 lives, as "somewhat understandable, if not acceptable."

The congresswoman, who now represents California's 43rd congressional district, has also supported public policy measures beneficial to Blacks, women and other disenfranchised groups, and the seasoned federal lawmaker supported former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, both Democrats, as well as for Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful bid for president last year.

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